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Good Design means your tool is more comfortable and performs its task efficiently.

If the angle is too wide the hoe won’t penetrate well, too shallow and it becomes awkward to pull soil.

Some Pruners have two slight angles: one allows you to make pruning cuts near the trunk without bending your wrist while the other keeps your arm and wrist in line with the cutting pivot for maximum leverage.

These seemingly small details add up big with repetitive tasks.


The selection, treatment and quality of the materials for a given tools makes a big difference in its performance, durability and value.

High carbon steel stays sharp longer than lower quality metals and is easy to sharpen when it does get dull.  Good stainless steel found in some knives resists rust and maintains an edge.

Sharp tools weed more easily and help your pruning cuts heal properly.


Forged steel tools are far more durable than the stamped steel tools found at most box stores, and require great skill in their making.

Proper heat treatment and tempering ensures that blades, whether on a hoe, an axe or a knife, are durable and hold their edge well.

This workmanship is the final step that ensures the good design and appropriate material selection add up to a tool that is a joy to use, and one that could last for decades or more.

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